Pioneer 50" Plasma replacement.

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Steve Goodey
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Pioneer 50" Plasma replacement.

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I think my 14 year old Pioneer KRP-500 is on its way out as it keeps restarting intermittently on SD Freeview channels. Thinking of replacement I was looking at a Philips OLED+ set.

Anyone any thoughts on a plasma replacement about 50" and what about OLED/QLED?

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions welcome.

I know it's a bit of a broad question but I'd still be interested in people's comments. :D

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Lost Dog
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Re: Pioneer 50" Plasma replacement.

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I'm a huge fan of the OLED option. Moving from standard LED to OLED was a significant viewing difference (not sure about how it would compare to plasma).

The QLED can give much more vibrant and saturated colors but still relies on a backlight so you don't get "true black" like the OLED. While QLED give a large picture quality improvement over standard LED, my vote goes to OLED.
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