LinkedIn, connections/networking, endorsements etc.

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LinkedIn, connections/networking, endorsements etc.

Post by wmorrison » Tue Jun 08, 2021 5:18 pm

I am looking for a new job after 20 years developing mostly Java, Oracle Service Bus, and Mulesoft Anypoint (in reverse chronological order.)

However, I have skills not related to technologies used in my last job, many of which I've either learned or brushed up on since I've been using MythTV (the first Linux system I've actively built/maintained, notwithstanding that I've used Linux systems for many years.)

As I haven't used these skills professionally, I don't have any LinkedIn connections who can endorse me.

Looking for anyone willing to "friend" me on LinkedIn, and if you feel comfortable with it, to write an endorsement. I am especially looking for Python endorsements, which I've been using a few years now for tasks such as querying MySQL and SQLite, calling MythTV APIs, transcoding recordings to human-readable filenames with HandBrakeCLI, scanning recorded files for damage with ffmpeg, etc.

I haven't thought to share many of these Python scripts, because they were just to "get things done" the way I like, but I could share some if anybody is interested.

I'm not asking anyone to write an endorsement they aren't comfortable with. But if you've followed my posts here, you may have a reasonable idea of my mindset for solving problems.

The same goes for anyone else on here looking for a job, let me know if you want a connection/endorsement.

This is me. Still working on my resume (a task I hate.)

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