Shield TV 5.1 Audio

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Shield TV 5.1 Audio

Post by jfabernathy » Mon Mar 23, 2020 3:30 pm

I have mythfrontend-20200227-arm64-v31-Pre-1953-ged3bfa425a.apk installed on my Shield TV with a V31 backend.
It's been working fine with stereo only. To get 5.1 working I have to experiment. I'm using AudioTrack and on Digital capability I notice that Dolby Digital and DTS talk about must have a digital audio connection the rest like E-AC3 say must have HDMI connection.

So my solution was E-AC3 only checked and 5.1 on. Now I have 5.1 surround working.

My setup is Shield TV HDMI -> AV Receiver HDMI in -> AV passes video to TV via HDMI and drives speakers.

Jim A

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