No useful output from

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No useful output from

Post by jmike » Tue Jan 14, 2020 11:35 pm used to work fine for me on 0.27 but when I try to use in on 30.0 I get the following:
$ python /usr/share/mythtv/
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If I enter a 1 it repeats. Anything other than a 1 is out of range.
System details: Ubuntu 18.04.1, Kernel 5.0.0-37-generic, Mythtv version 30.0, QT version 5.9.5.
Any suggestions?

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Re: No useful output from

Post by bill6502 » Thu Jan 16, 2020 8:07 pm


Works for me in v31-Pre. Do you know that there are orphaned recordings? Otherwise,
that's the normal output, although things like DB backups normally show.

By the way, get in the habit of not using the leading 'python' before the program. The
shebang on the top line of does that for you (and becomes important
with when v31 is released and python3 is used.) The mode of the file must be set to
executable, of course.

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