Myth 20 Missing VAAPI support

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Myth 20 Missing VAAPI support

Post by jensk » Tue Jan 07, 2020 7:32 am

I have primarily been using frontends based on VDPAU/Nvidia but last autum my Acer Aspire Revo 3600 frontend gave up. So I thought that the combination of Linux, VAAPI and Intel Graphics must have been matured enough to give it a go.
So i bought a Intel NUC7PHYJ to use as a new frontend. I have installed Lubuntu 19.10 with myth 20.0+fixes – and everything works functionality-wise – but i experience tearing and stuttering on video playback – both recordings and videos.
I have been trying different settings in playback profiles I should be able to use VAAPI profiles but then the stuttering is more pronounced and frames are clearly skipped. I can in ”top” se that all playback of matarial from mythtv don’t not use the VAAPI interface because the CPU utilisation is very high.
If I play the same video material through VLC the CPU utilisation is 10 times lower and there is no stuttering and frameskipping.

Vainfo shows that the VAAPI is active on the NUC

As a temporary mean i have choosen to use mythtv with the profile ”normal”. I still have some stuttering and frameskipping but no tearing using this setting.

What can I do to make Myth-frontend 20.0 use the VAAPI interface when it is present and active on the pc and it is choosen as playback profile in the frontend settings?

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Re: Myth 20 Missing VAAPI support

Post by chicobiker » Sun Jan 26, 2020 2:20 pm

I am using vaapi on a intel desktop. Under advanced playback settings I have enable realtime priority threads checked. You might also try using the AVsync2 to see if that helps.

Just to confirm since you mentioned you were using myth 20.0+fixes sevreal times that the current version is myth 30.0.

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