Interesting quirk in retrieving details for mythvideo

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Interesting quirk in retrieving details for mythvideo

Post by kdx7214 » Fri Nov 29, 2019 10:42 pm

Just did a complete wipe and reinstall of mythtv and went with v30. While going in and setting up details for my video files I noticed that it is *always* searching only for tv shows. However, if I go to the moviedb web site, login, and specifically search for the title in question IN MOVIES, then Mythtv pulls down the correct information (or lets me pick it from the list). As an example, I have the movie Ghost. When I first retrieved details I got a lengthy list of tv shows that all had the word Ghost in them, but no movies. I went to the website, did the search, and then suddenly Mythtv found the right entry.

Just an FYI if you're having trouble finding details for your videos. I'm guessing that the moviedb changed and added TV show support and the scripts that fetch details haven't been updated.

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