Commercial skipping has stopped working

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Commercial skipping has stopped working

Post by kiniku » Mon Oct 28, 2019 5:52 pm

I built this Unbuntu server from the ground up. My MythTV had been working flawlessly for months. I use Webmin to keep everything updated. But about 3 months ago the commercial skipping has stopped working. I use Kodi's MythTV plugin as the front in for my Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, and Windows 10. But commercial skipping isn't working on all of my front end devices. I have patched my server. Rebooted it several times. I even enabled auto transcoding on all my recording hoping that would "help"? But in the past, I have never needed to do that.

I am not a Linux expert. Everything I do I've done via step by step guides on rails or from the advice of others. Any suggestions on what I could do to troubleshoot this?

I miss my commercial skipping :(

Thank you!

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