Troubleshoot/redo install problems?

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Troubleshoot/redo install problems?

Post by wmorrison » Mon Jul 29, 2019 12:51 pm

I'm away from my mythtv computer at the moment so can't give logs or anything until later.

Installing mythtv on xubuntu 19.04. Hardware seems fine because, before installation of mythtv, I scanned for channels and got mpv to view live tv.

Installed mythtv with apt. Full package, combined frontend/backend.

It completed, but I saw some errors scroll by, and don't know where to look for logs or what diagnostic commands to run.

I ran mythtv-setup anyway to see what would happen. It couldn't connect to the database.

So mysql wasn't running. I got it running, and had to copy (link actually) /etc/mythtv/config.xml into user home .mythtv directories. There was an auto-generated password in there, so I connected to mysql and configured the mythtv id with that password.

mythconverge didn't exist so I followed the instructions to run mc.sql.

Now, running mythtv-setup, it gets past the "could not connect to database" screen, but I still see messages about tables not existing. And those tables are not mentioned in mc.sql.

Should these things have been set up during the apt install? There were a few text-mode install dialogs that came up during that. How do I back-track and double-check everything that should have been set up before running mythtv-setup?

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Re: Troubleshoot/redo install problems?

Post by pgbennett » Mon Jul 29, 2019 2:23 pm

The package install should have created the database for you. Clearly something did not work correctly.

It looks like there are some things missing from mc.sql.

I recommend you drop the mythconverg database and then follow the database setup instructions in the wiki at ... base_Setup .

Perhaps this should be a separate wiki page or included with wherever you found the reference to mc.sql. It is applicable to cases other than building from source.

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