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Watch TV station list

Post by linuxguy1454 » Thu Jul 04, 2019 4:43 am


I recently installed v29 on Ubuntu 18.04 using an HDHOMERUN v3 and Schedulesdirect. It is more or less working. One of the issues I am dealing with is the available channels when I go into "Watch TV' is a limited subset of all channels I have selected in SchedulesDirect. I assume something I did in the setup made this channel list limited. I have access to the complete list and a couple of defined channel groups when I go to the Program Guide from Schedule Recordings.

I haven't been able to find where to change the channels that become available in "Watch TV." Would someone please point me in the right place?

MythTV v29.1-13-g329c235, fixes/29, Library API : 29.20180316-1
with HDHR3 tuner on Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver and lightdm.

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Re: Watch TV station list

Post by diyhouse » Mon Jul 08, 2019 11:14 am

As a back to basics,.. the first thing to check is that the channels you wish to view,.. are set to 'visible',... as it is possible to select any channels status to visible, or not,.. ie it is not shown in the Guide information when you show guide information... but is still displayed in the setup menus.

to change this goto mythtv-setup menus,.. ( the place where all the config stuff is done..)

As a next step,.. make sure your channel numbers are unique,.. it is possible to 'merge Channels' from different sources to be displayed and used as one channel.
In the UK we can make BBC one FreeView the equivalent to BBC One Satellite... two channels from different sources are used,.. but the Guide only shows only One channel,.. and will use either,. unless otherwise stated when recording or viewing.

So 1st check Visible flag, 2nd make sure unique channel number.

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