IPTV User-Agent and Cookie Specification

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IPTV User-Agent and Cookie Specification

Post by jamieb122 » Tue May 28, 2019 8:18 pm

I am trying to move from TVHeadend back to mythtv after a few years. Right now with TVHeadend I have been able to utilize an IPTV .m3u to watch live TV. With TVHeadend I was able to specify what user agent and cookie to send when requesting the streams by using their pipe:// protocol. Does MythTV have any was to set the cookie or user agent.

For TVHeadend I basically wrote some scripts that do the following:

Has a web server serving up the .m3u on localhost. That .m3u contains the pipe:// URL which is essentially running ffmpeg with the required cookie and user-agent, and the paremeter to the ffmpeg call is the m3u8 stream URL.

Anyway to make the guide do a custom call to ffmpeg or something similar to get the video stream?

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