Setup MythTV with Sat>IP

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Setup MythTV with Sat>IP

Post by Peque » Sun May 05, 2019 10:33 am

Hey Forum
I'm living in Denmark and are only able to use DVB-S/S2
Normally I have run MythTV for several Years using ffdecsawrapper for accessing my Channels

Now I did find this program:
And have it up and running.
The only thing I do not get here - is how to connect it against my MythTV BAckend.
I think that my channellist.m3u is wrong - I have attached it here

When I try to load the channellist.m3u - I'm getting this error

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2019-05-05 12:31:02.999473 E  IPTVChanFetch: Invalid header in channel list line 
			EXTINF:0,BBC BRIT HD (N);Telenor
And i googlet a lot regarding how to create this m3u list - But cannot find the guide that explains it to me so I'm getting my channels
As I get from this wiki page
I should map the channelslist to the mappings file (simulates dvb-S as dvb-c - But I do not get tis point - But I'm Not able to produce the right setup that MythTV understands - so it'll work
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Re: Setup MythTV with Sat>IP

Post by paulh » Sun May 05, 2019 1:17 pm

A comment in the source code says the format should be like this

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    // #EXTINF:0,2 - France 2                <-- duration,channum - channame
So try something like this for the example channel in the error message where 123 is the channel number you want to use for this channel.

Code: Select all

EXTINF:0,123 - BBC BRIT HD (N);Telenor
There are some optional additional extensions that you probably wont need apart from the final one which the the actual feed url but for completeness I'll include them here

Code: Select all

   //   <-- optional line (myth specific)
    // #EXTMYTHTV:bitrate=BITRATE            <-- optional line (myth specific)
    // #EXTMYTHTV:fectype=FECTYPE            <-- optional line (myth specific)
    //     The FECTYPE can be rfc2733, rfc5109, or smpte2022
    // #EXTMYTHTV:fecurl0=URL                <-- optional line (myth specific)
    // #EXTMYTHTV:fecurl1=URL                <-- optional line (myth specific)
    // #EXTMYTHTV:fecbitrate0=BITRATE        <-- optional line (myth specific)
    // #EXTMYTHTV:fecbitrate1=BITRATE        <-- optional line (myth specific)
    // #EXTVLCOPT:program=program_number     <-- optional line (used by MythTV and VLC)
    // #...                                  <-- ignored comments
    // rtsp:// <-- url

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Re: Setup MythTV with Sat>IP

Post by MikeB2013 » Sun May 05, 2019 4:49 pm

For your use the default SATPI mapping.m3u will cause issues with mythtv and the mythtv IPTV recorder (I presume this is what you are using).
I changed it to have only the following contents:

Code: Select all


# empty file
For your .3mu file you need something like for each channel (example for astra28e2)

Code: Select all

#EXTINF:0,6322. BBC Two
#EXTMYTHTV:xmltvid=BBC Two
Line 1 serviceid (6322) and channel name (BBC Two)
Line 2 xmltvid (BBC Two is just a place holder, and needs to be set to the real value) for program information (IPTV recorder does not use EIT, so external data is required).
Line 3 channel number (6322), by default this is set to the same as serviceid, but can be changed anything you like
Line 4 this is the actual url which mythtv uses to tune to the channel.
SATPI supports http (default port 8875) or rtsp (default port 554). I use http.
The data after the IP address and port number is the tuning data:
src=1 is the default Diseqc for a directly connected Satellite tuner (i.e. cable from tuner to Satellite dish LNB), if using a Diseqc switch this may have to be changed.
freq,pol,ro,mtype,msys,plts,sr,fec are the usual tuning parameters.
pids=n,n,n,n,n are those associated with the channel.

Obtaining the url data may be difficult.
For DVB-S/S2 I run w_scan (on the box with SATPI server) to create the tuning data and then process it to create a mythtv compatible .3mu file.
This .3mu file can be put on any web server in your network. SATPI has a built-in web server which you can use, put the .3mu file in SATPI/web/ directory.

This attachment is my script file to process w_scan output
converts w_scan output to mythtv .m3u file
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Unzip the script file, make it executable and run it
./ <input file>
It produces a file name the same as the input with .3mu at the end.
The script has some items that may need to be changed:
Line 27 has the IP Address and port number to be used in the URL e.g. IP=
Line 58 has the src number e.g. src=1 # change as required

Note there is only one w_scan output format that contains all the necessary data an example for astra28e2:
w_scan -c GB -a0 -G -f s -s S28E2 -E 0 >astra28e2.txt
You will need to change
-c GB to your Country code
-a0 to the appropriate dvb adapter number
-s S28E2 to your satellite
The -E 0 only outputs Free To Air channels
-G outputs all the required pids (including the vital pmt pid)

And finally an alternative to SATPI is minisatip see


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Re: Setup MythTV with Sat>IP

Post by Peque » Mon May 06, 2019 5:05 am

Hi mIke
THanks for the reply and allso the information.
I've used your scripts to create the channellist.m3u according to my Scanning of all trasnsponders usiong w-scan
I've allso looked at the minisatip, but are starting with this setup - before trying out minisatip

Well - I connected my satip against oscam server - so it should not only be FTA channels.
I having a MultiSwitch 9/8 where THor0.8 is connected as Diseqc - where only 1 satelite is connected ( Since the other sat is not interested. ) The only reason why I'm using a Multiswitch - is using the 8 outputs from the switch!

Well I give it a try this afternoon -. thanks for the explanation

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