Firewire Arris dcx3200-m Switched Digital Video Spectrum

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Firewire Arris dcx3200-m Switched Digital Video Spectrum

Post by gregl » Mon Dec 03, 2018 1:29 pm

I posted on the mailing list,a problem with changing channels on the Arris stb.. What happens is, we have switched digital video here in upstate NY (Spectrum). When you schedule a program to record on one of these channels,myth changes the channels and the program seems to record. When you play the recorded program back,its a screen that says the channel is Unavailable hit A to try again.. I do use firewire to change channels,but I also have one other STB that uses a Gizmo called MyBlaster which has the same problem..
I use the 6200ch channel changing script to change channels,I think it can be made to send the commands I need to wake the box,but the info is very old and no real documentation that I can find...
I can't believe I'm the only person who has this problem.. Is there a remedy to this? How do others change to these channels?
Ubuntu 18.04
Mythtv .29
Thanks, Greg

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