My setup broke, not sure what happened

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My setup broke, not sure what happened

Post by kistner » Sun Dec 02, 2018 5:15 am

I'll warn - I am very unfamiliar with unbuntu/linux.

I set up a mythtv backend a while back, version 28 on ubuntu 16.04. It took me a while but it finally came together. I am (was) using kodi for the front end on several devices without issue (pc, phone, xbox). And then it stopped working. I seldom even look at the backend, maybe if the power goes out I make sure it gets turned back on. I can only guess when mythtv updated to 29 something changed. I did recently update to ubuntu 18.04 figuring if an update broke it, maybe I get lucky and an update will fix it. I know, wishful thinking.

I have gone through the setup a few times, comparing it to the notes on setting up a new one, everything looks right. I did rescan my channels (after it was broken) just in case, it found the all the same channels. It doesnt look like a setup issue, to me.

When I turn on kodi I get nothing, it doesnt show any channels, no guide, none of my recordings (they are still there if I look at the drive). If I point my browser to http://ip-of-my-backend:6544 I get 'this site cant be reached' and if I go to http://localhost:6544 on my backend machine I get the same. In simple terms it seems like mythtv is working or workable, but no one can see it? I do not get any errors when I go through setup. After it first 'broke' and I went through setup again I did get an error about the folders for the recordings. I have a 4tb external drive for those and for some reason the drive name changed, it added a '1' to the end. I fixed that. I only mention it because I found it odd that it changed the name.

any suggestions of what to try are greatly appreciated. I can get more info if it helps you help me, but I'll refer back to my prior warning of my low ubuntu iq.


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Re: My setup broke, not sure what happened

Post by paulh » Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:35 am

Is the backend running? You can check by running in a terminal

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sudo systemctl status mythtv-backend
Is there any errors in the log?

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journalctl -u mythtv-backend --since today

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