No Metadata on scheduled recordings?

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No Metadata on scheduled recordings?

Post by dantengwen » Thu Nov 22, 2018 4:42 pm

Hey all,

In the past week, I've moved from Windows Media Center to an Ubuntu box using MythTV backend and Kodi front end. I just finished setting everything up and I'm using PVR.MythTV plugin for live TV. My issue is that when I go to schedule recordings for a weekly recurrence, the recording seems to not have any metadata associated...or at least I'm not able to access it. If I use the channel guide and select a particular show to record, it works fine.

The way I'm deducing this is that after a recording I run the script to create readable symlinks.

Script being executed: --link <recorded file directory> --format '%T/%T%-%S'

Resulting weekly timer recording formatted symlink: <showtitle>-<date/time>.<number increment>.ts

Resulting Individual recording chosen from guide formatted symlink: <showtitle>- <episodename>.ts

Am I doing something wrong with my recording schedule setup? The recordings themselves are fine, but I'd like to be able to use the script to properly access the episode names of the shows. For the weekly timer symlinks, more than one symlink is created for each recording, thus the use of the <number increment> following the <date/time> portion of the name.
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Re: No Metadata on scheduled recordings?

Post by pgbennett » Thu Nov 22, 2018 10:12 pm

You must be setting up your recordings incorrectly. Since you say weekly occurrence I suspect you are setting them up as manual recordings. If you set them as manual recordings they will have no information about what was recorded. If you select a program in the schedule and select to record all episodes, they will have the title, subtitle, plot summary, and season and episode where available on each episode. Also if the program is broadcast at a different time it will automatically find it and record it.

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