Cannot get SBS channel group EPG data

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Cannot get SBS channel group EPG data

Post by Tonyr63 » Wed Nov 21, 2018 11:39 pm

I am using XMLTV EPG grabber in South Australia however I am not getting any SBS channel group EPG showing as unknown.

I can watch SBS live TV and watching live TV tuned to SBS and associated channels ViceLand etc but this has not triggered the sending of program data to facilitate recording scheduling.

When I run Myth Fill Database the resulted run off screen too fast to review. Does his write to a log file I can review?

Can I setup MythTv to capture failure of EPG events and if so how? It would be good if the user was alerted to what is causing EPG to be incomplete as it has such a detrimental effect on core functionality.

I read the following post:
I followed Expert Novice's advice and change the call sign for SBS Viceland from SBS VICELAND to SBSVICELAND using Mythweb Settings>TV>Channelinfo and that solved the problem, not just for the Viceland channel but for all SBS channels."

From <>

However I don't seem to have MythWeb installed although I though it came automatically with the main package. How do I retrospectively install MythWeb?

How should I resolve my EPG issue or do I need to also add Shephard?

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Re: Cannot get SBS channel group EPG data

Post by bill6502 » Thu Nov 22, 2018 5:01 pm

Some partial help:

Almost all myth* programs have additional logging features. To capture the output
in a file, append --logpath /tmp (or whatever directory you want the log to go to.)
The log will be the program's name plus data/time. Try: mythSomeProgramName -h

mythweb is a separate package. If you'll mention your distribution, someone may
tell you how to get it. In *buntu, it's: sudo apt install mythweb (apt-get for older

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