Context sensitive search field in mythweb

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Context sensitive search field in mythweb

Post by roco007 » Tue Jul 10, 2018 7:40 pm

I am using mythweb since years and it is a great software.
I have a suggestion/wish for mythweb, I hope that this is the right location to place it:
In the header of the mythweb-page there is a search field which searches within the TV listings for upcoming programs.

Is there a possibility that this field searches within the recorded programs if it is shown on the mythweb/tv/recorded page?

I am aware that the "search in page" of some browsers are providing a similar functionality, however especially when using Mythweb on a tablet, I am preferring "Firefox Klar", that context sensitive search field would be very handy: Searching for upcoming programs if shown in the listings context and searching for recorded programs if shown in the recorded context.

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