Oddities when replacing a hard drive

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Oddities when replacing a hard drive

Post by mythbuntubox » Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:34 pm

Well, after quite a bit of hassle, I now have Mythbuntu 16.04 largely running after having to replace a hard drive previously on 14.04. While copying recording directory contents to a backup drive during this process, I got error messages while copying files involving this sort of name format:


Any idea what caused these to exist in the first place? Some sort of temp file? Not serious, as everything seems to be working ok so far, just curious.

Another curiosity was that, assuming replacing Mythbuntu 14.04 with 0.27 with the same versions on the new drive would be the easiest, I was hit by the following after restoring the database from the old drive and starting the frontend on the new drive:

MythTV database has newer TV schema (1344) than expected (1317)

I had a look around, and it seems that 1344 is for 0.28, so not sure how that happened. Seems to be true though, as when upgrading to Mythbuntu 16.04 with its default 0.28, the non-functioning database got upgraded without any intervention and now works fine. Wonder how that happened, as both installations indicated 0.27 fixes being used. Oh well, just glad it now works, and again just curious whether something like a point release difference could account for anything in terms of the schema change. Odd!

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