Show "missed" recordings in Media Library listings

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Show "missed" recordings in Media Library listings

Post by granicus » Sun Jan 01, 2017 12:08 am

Hey all,

I've been using MythTV since 2007 and love it. However, there is one feature I would love to see as an option, and that is to show that a recording has been missed in the Media Library. The information is show currently in the status listing under "Previous Recordings" as to whether there was a conflict or a later showing, however with as much activity as that screen has, it is hard to keep up with when an episode of one out of 30 series being recorded gets missed.

What I would like to see is a dummy entry in the Media Library under the show. If the backend is running and an episode that would normally record but cannot, due to conflicts or bad signal, etc, I would still like an entry to be placed in that show's bucket in the Media Library, with a note that displays "this show was unable to be recorded" when you navigate to that entry. The idea came to me because this already happens (in a fashion) when the backend thinks it can record, so makes an entry into the database, but when you try to play the show it tells you "recording unavailable". I find that much easier to handle than not knowing that a show is missing, especially since not all shows have the season and episode number handy on the listing to let you know something has been skipped.

So, to sum up, here is how it would work:
-Global option that can be set to "on" or "off" for displaying missing shows
-If the backend is on but a recording cannot be made, go ahead and add an entry for that show into the show's bucket in the Media Library with a note that displays "this show was unable to be recorded due to <reason>"
-Mark entry similar to that of a show that has been deleted but the user has selected "allow re-record", so that if the show does come on at a later time the dummy entry is replaced with the real entry/recording
-Allow deletion from Media Library just as if actual recording (with prompts for all/do not allow re-record)

Let me know if there is anything I can provide to clarify. I have been a developer myself for 15 years, however my expertise is in the .NET world. Anything I can do to help make this a reality, let me know.

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