DVB Running Status Table (RST)

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DVB Running Status Table (RST)

Post by rogerjames99 » Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:01 pm

Sometime ago I had a discussion on bug #11399 about doing some work on the eit scanner. One thing I mentioned was implementing the RST table which provide quick updates to the running status of specific eits. I have decided to look at this again. But before I do this I wanted to try and capture some live RST data. I am sure I saw some a long while ago here in the United Kingdom, but that might have been on test transmissions. I have left dvbsnoop looking at PID 0x13 for a good few hours on both BBC and ITC transponders and not seen any! Does anyone know whether UK DTV uses the RST, or can point me anywhere I might get confirmation of this question.

If I can get live test data there is not much point on hacking any code.


BTW, I had to recreate my user on the forum. I am sure I used to have one here :-)

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