Storage groups have changed behavior

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Storage groups have changed behavior

Post by MicWit » Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:09 pm

I have a nuc that I use as a media box. It used to run ubuntu 16.04 with mythtv 0.28 but I have upgraded to ubuntu 18.04 with mythtv 29. It has a 250GB internal ssd and a 2TB usb hdd.

The way I used to run it was to set the directory under the default storage group as the default location (on the ssd where the os is installed) and have a second storage group called archive with a directory on the external drive. There was then a cron job that would run every few hrs that would check the default location, and any files that had not been touched in over 2hrs it would move to the archive location. Mythtv would then look in both locations when trying to play a file, and if its not in default would play the archive one.

Since updating to 29, this no longer works. Mythtv only looks at the storage group where the recording was made, so it cant find it in the archive group. I have made it so there are 2 directories in the default group, but it always records to the external drive (I'm guessing it just records where there is the most free space).

How can I tell it to record to one location, but look in 2 locations to play?

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Re: Storage groups have changed behavior

Post by bill6502 » Tue Sep 18, 2018 10:36 pm

Short answer, I can't duplicate the issue.

I'm on v30-Pre, and moved one recording from a storage directory in my Default
storage group to a storage directory in my MusicArt storage group. It plays OK.
I used MusicArt just because its SD was empty.

Try watching just one program that was moved and look in your logs (mythbackend.log
and mythfrontend.log.) That's after restoring your original configuration. You may see some
clues there.

I don't see anything significant in the release notes, but that isn't a guarantee that nothing

There's a whole Wiki on Storage Groups and how the various schedulers work: ... _Scheduler
I use: Balanced Disk I/O. Your guess about free space is probably correct.

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