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Post by jetgraphics » Fri Nov 08, 2019 3:58 am

I've been in contact with TitanTV, and they might be interested in working out a way for Myth TV users to utilize some of the features such as scheduling a recording and perhaps an EPG.

/excerpts from several emails/
To:Jet Graphics

When the Watch Now or Record icons are clicked in TitanTV, a file is created that the PVR will know how to interpret and execute. To the best of our knowledge, Hauppauge is currently the only remaining manufacturer of PVR products.

When a program's Record button is clicked, TitanTV creates a *.tvpi file on the user's computer. When a PVR product and all its drivers have been properly installed, that computer's file allocation table will contain an entry for which application to associate with that particular file extension and then launch that app accordingly. The app will then open and execute the commands within that file at the appropriate time.

The creation of this file is the only interaction TitanTV has with the OS or any applications installed on it.

Though nearly 20 years old now, PVR and its standards are still a sound technology. The problem with its adoption is each vendor since then that has taken a stab at creating a media center type of tool has come up with their own proprietary system that won't work with tools from other vendors.

We know of many people who have attempted to create their own home-brewed solutions incorporating PVR to varying levels of success, but due to so many variables regarding the available systems, a solution that works to some extent for one person will not work at all for another.

Unfortunately, this is a problem with no easy solutions.
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Is there a way for volunteers at MythTV to work with the TitanTV folks to utilize their web site in lieu of an EPG?
So a user can select [record] but have additional options for automated recording within MythTV.

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