TV Schedule Recordings Finder Blacklist

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TV Schedule Recordings Finder Blacklist

Post by AnthonyUK » Mon Mar 25, 2019 12:09 pm

Hi, I have been using mythtv for 5+ years now since getting help on IRC to set it up.
I live in the UK and finding new shows to record through Search Lists then Titles does find new shows I havent seen and is quick to go through but it doesnt find most of them. So I go through the entire Program Finder A-Z0-9 or Search Lists then Categories but this takes alot of time.

Doing it this way means I see LOTS of shows again and again I either hate and would never watch like coronation street to murder she wrote, Or shows i used to or have watched, to ones I have no interest at all in, to all the guff like BBC News at Five, BBC News at Nine, BBC News at One, BBC News at Six, BBC News at Ten, BBC News Special, BBC Newsroom Live, and all the channels that say they will be back at such a time or nightscreen ect.

My suggestion is could we have a blacklist filter for all the shows we don't want to show up in the Program Finder or Search Lists?
As we search looking for new shows to record have the option to add them to the blacklist. The first time would take a while but after that searching would be alot quicker.

I do like how thorough and complete Program Finder is so a checkbox to enable disable filters would be good for the occasional complete run through.

Would this option be popular enough to warrant the time to code it?


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