Shinobi plugin (like the ZoneMinder plugin)

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Shinobi plugin (like the ZoneMinder plugin)

Post by moeiscool » Sat Oct 27, 2018 4:37 pm

hi there! i am the developer of an app called Shinobi (ShinobiCCTV). It is an open source NVR system. Over the last few months there would be an occasional user asking about MythTV support. I personally never used MythTV but i'd like to join the scene :)

i was wondering if anyone could slap together a basic plugin to view monitors?

i looked at the zm plugin to see if i could make one myself but got scared by all the C files. me no know C :(

if it theorizes to be some trouble i'd still like to know your theory then i'll get a better idea on how i can start.

Website :

if you would like to see it in action you can see this demo :
username :
password : demo

specs : dual core 1.6ghz intel atom, 2gb ram

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