Support of SAT>IP

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Support of SAT>IP

Post by Heinz » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:26 am

After the purchase of a XORO HRS 8670 LAN (a satellite receiver with network connection, working as a SAT>IP-server) I noticed that MythTV-backend cannot really handle the given .m3u-playlist. So I googled and found the project vtuner, a kernel module which could represent up to four tuners in the sight of mythtv-backend, and as a controlling unit for the SAT>IP-box. Some iOS- and Android-programmers showed, it couldn't be that difficult to talk to the box and receive its TV- and Radio-streams.
Back to vtuner (NOT the decent Radio-receiving program!): Old source codes for kernels < 3.10 don't compile now, new ones are not in sight. Due to my lack of programming skills I suggest the improvement of that project, from which not only MythTV will receive an advantage - even players as VLC or such.

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