Add option to stream recordings from sbe to mbe for storage

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Add option to stream recordings from sbe to mbe for storage

Post by eypo » Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:31 pm


Let me describe my mythtv setup.

- Master backend, database and lots of storage on my HP Microserver running 24/7. No tuners in it.
- Secondary diskless backend (mounting NFS root filesystem from Microserver) ,with two dual DVB-T PCI tuners. Frontend also installed.
- Several frontends on different computers.
Mythtv 0.29 everywhere.

At this point, I have two options for storage groups. I could:

- Option 1. share my mbe storage group over NFS and have it mounted on sbe, Those recordings store the hostname of the backend they were recorded on, so if I want to watch them when my sbe is off, mbe will turn it on just to let sbe retrieve the recording from mbe nfs share.

- Option 2. just let sbe store things on its (NFS) local filesystem. Use to move the recordings to mbe, and deal with database changes (as the script above doesn't do it). The NFS root should be mounted read-write and have enough free space.

What I'm proposing is to add an option to make sbe send the recording over the net to the mbe (maybe using netcat, for example), and let the mbe deal with storage and database.

Is this feasible?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Add option to stream recordings from sbe to mbe for stor

Post by dizygotheca » Sun Jan 22, 2017 8:15 pm

The "Master Backend Override" setting is intended for your use case in option 1. ... s_Settings
When set, the mbe searches its SGs first and only reverts to the sbe (recording host) if it fails. As long as you're sharing SGs, the sbe should never be turned on just to play a file.
I've never tried it though.

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