[IDEA] Alternative GUI

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[IDEA] Alternative GUI

Post by sonority » Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:28 pm

hi! ...had an idea last night:

i was wondering if it would be possible to use a completely different GUI-technique instead of the currently used QT.... ?
as webdeveloper i work mainly with PHP, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript and wouldn't it be great to use exactly those widespread technologies to draw the MythTV-frontend?
HTML5/CSS3 for example is ready for modern browsers and videoplayback works great.

the idea is the following:
- use an existing browserengine as base (or something which can interpret and display HTML/CSS).
- use "twig" or a similar technique for the templates which were used in all the frontend-views. the concept that markers were getting filled later is a great approach i think.
- these templates are styled completely with CSS3, which will make it a lot easier to make wonderful frontend-themes.
- use javascript to implement complex scenarios like animations, plugins, and so on...

the benefit would be a modern looking and extremely flexible interface/theme, where the structure of a theme is detached from the styles. theme creators could then use common techniques and do not need to mess up with those incredible confusing and buggy XML-files.
security should rely on the browser-engine which is maintained by the developers (mozilla, google, etc).

so it's an idea for now but i would like to implement that sooner or later. i just don't know where i should start...
where in the code should i begin? first question would be: is it possible to implement a new frontend-engine? and if YES: how can someone implement it in MythTV?

...or why don't we use a CMS like TYPO3 as frontend? it uses all those techniques already, and someone possible knows how to use it as MythTV-frontend?
is it possible to communicate over the MythTV-protocol from PHP and vice versa?

if someone is interested in this idea, please don't wait, share your thoughts!

best regards, Stephan
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Re: [IDEA] Alternative GUI

Post by pvr4me » Mon Jan 09, 2017 2:16 pm

I think you've just described WebFrontend?


I'm sure patches would be considered!

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