Extra tag in channel number

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Extra tag in channel number

Post by dagnygren » Thu Aug 04, 2016 12:49 pm


I have one DVB-T2 and one DVB-S2 with 4 LNB:s here and can recieve more than 3000 channels.
This makes channel scanning very tedious as all the satellites plus the DVB-T starts numbering
the channels from 1 and so I will have a lot of conflicting entries.

My suggestion would be to make it possible to add a TAG or number offset to the channel
number so I for example could make my channel numbers:

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1-99999 DVB-T
100000-199999  Satellite 1
200000-299999  Satellite 2
300000-399999  Satellite 3
400000-499999  Satellite 4
An alternative would be to make the channels alphanumeric (Are they already?)
and add an optional prefix to the channel numbers. Like:

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DVBT - 1, Hotbird - 1, Astra4.8E - 275

I "think" this is just a change in mythtv-setup and I could consider doing it myself if anyone else is interested...


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Re: Extra tag in channel number

Post by PhilB » Mon Aug 08, 2016 8:14 am

Try the bulk edit feature of this:

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