MythMusic: adding "browse and play"

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MythMusic: adding "browse and play"

Post by warpme » Wed Sep 21, 2022 7:46 am


Im using MythMusic regularly and like it.

What is a bit annoying for me is lack of "browse and play"

It might be additional option in MythMusic main pop-up menu and working like i.e this:
-user enters "browse and play mode"
-MythMusic start to present songs collection the same like in "edit playlist mode"
-user can walk/browse by arrow keys, pressing enter starts playing song
-in MythMusic settings user has option: "default mode when MythMusic starts: (1)play playlist / (2)browse and play". When (1) is set - starting MythMusic is like today. When (2) - starting MythMusic gives user initial state like after selection of "browse and play"

Currently i'm doing convolutions to achieve something like this with ... edit.patch and mapping remote key
but this seems to be crude workaround....

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