Please update translations for v31 release!

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Please update translations for v31 release!

Post by nickm » Tue Mar 03, 2020 10:44 am

Dear translators,

A Happy New Year to all of our translation teams around the world!

If you're not already aware, the next version of MythTV, v31, is due for release very soon. Translation strings are now frozen, so it is an ideal time to update translations across our many supported languages.

Translation Status:

You can see the current state of translations for v31 here

Contributing Translations

Full details of contributing to our translations can be found on the Translation wiki page

If you are active and able to contribute translations, please open a Pull Request (PR) with your proposed updates against the "master" branch of the official MythTV repository on Github.

** Please note ** the PR URL should be referenced in a trac ticket (details are given on the wiki page).

Alternatively, please feel free to add your patches directly to a new Translation ticket (again, see wiki page for details)

Please don't send me a diff/patch directly over email, as I'm likely to forget about it... :)

@Translation Teams

If you are currently listed on the wiki page as an active maintainer but no longer have the capacity to provide further updates and wish to be removed, please let me know and I'll update the wiki page (and accept our thanks for your contributions).

Thank you everyone,

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