send recording commands to CI+ cam capable fortis receivers

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send recording commands to CI+ cam capable fortis receivers

Post by rogerdsw6 » Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:41 pm


I use a satellite stb from the fortis family of receivers (Octagon, xeobox, miraclebox,...). All these decoders can receive http commands through port 8080 (a bit like enigma). These receivers are the only receivers on the market who support CI+ cams on a Linux box, which enigma boxes cannot do!

They can stream CI+ channels in clear to a specific IP address. They can also record TV to a hard drive which can then be accessed through DLNA. The only big flaw with them is the lack of support for EPG which is only available for 2-3 hours and no available plugins that would do a web grab.

I would be interested to collaborate with Mythtv to provide support for these receivers. There are 3 possibilities I would like to investigate:

1) send recording schedule command to the STB from Myth TV EPG so the recording is launched within the STB, access the recording through DLNA from Myth TV (or on STB directly).
pros: perfect recording in top quality on the STB; use of Myth TV powerful EPG web grab possibilities
cons: matching the recordings on STB back with Myth TV may be a bit difficult

2) send a channel change command to STB, use HDMI output to record programme
pros: will record into Myth TV at full HD quality
cons: requires an additional hardware to record from HDMI ouput which is an expensive add on, scripted programs may not work through HDMI

3) send a stream command to the STB to specific IP of Myth TV and record stream
pros: integrated solution with Myth TV
cons: output quality will not be in top HD quality

Any one can help with scripts?

I have made a bit of progress on understanding how to key pass commands to my STB through port 8080:

Here are some examples of commands I managed to identify by using wireshark to monitor traffic to port 8080 of my stb from the air tivi+ application on my iPhone :

1) add a recording to the scheduler for a specific satellite id and channel id at a specific start and end time:

simple event launched from timer recording manually: ... &evt_id=-1

the following example was launched from the EPG guide of my STB. I assume that evt_id corresponds to the name of the programme that is coming from the EPG.
[Full request URI: ... &evt_id=61]

2) stream a channel to a specific IP: ... code="0000

3) Stop Streaming:

4) simulate pressing buttons on remote:
button "1"


button "3"


5) The variable svc_idx contains the ID number of the channel we wish to stream. We can issue a short command to return XML containing the channels available to us:

it returns:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<frior:query xmlns:frior="" frior:count="176" frior:created="2014-01-24T20:46:42" frior:version="1.2">
<sat idx="98" degree="0" name="Cable">
<tp idx="2155" freq="4180" polar="1" sr="6875" tsid="48" orgnetid="40999" change_svc_possibility="1" streaming_possibility="0">
<svc idx="99" type="0" sid="1025" vpid="4105" apid="4361" ppid="4105" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="100" lcn="115" encoding="ISO-8859-9">C More Fotboll</service>
<svc idx="100" type="0" sid="1033" vpid="4097" apid="4353" ppid="4097" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="101" lcn="40" encoding="ISO-8859-9">TNT</service>
<svc idx="101" type="0" sid="1037" vpid="4130" apid="4386" ppid="4130" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="102" lcn="64" encoding="ISO-8859-9">TV4 Guld</service>
<svc idx="102" type="0" sid="1038" vpid="4147" apid="4403" ppid="4147" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="103" lcn="65" encoding="ISO-8859-9">TV4 Komedi</service>
<svc idx="103" type="0" sid="1138" vpid="4103" apid="4359" ppid="4103" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="104" lcn="156" encoding="ISO-8859-9">Disney Junior</service>
<svc idx="104" type="0" sid="1142" vpid="4102" apid="4358" ppid="4102" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="105" lcn="77" encoding="ISO-8859-9">C More Tennis</service>
<svc idx="105" type="0" sid="1146" vpid="4112" apid="4368" ppid="4112" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="106" lcn="81" encoding="ISO-8859-9">C More Action</service>
<tp idx="2159" freq="4500" polar="1" sr="6875" tsid="52" orgnetid="40999" change_svc_possibility="1" streaming_possibility="1">
<svc idx="118" type="0" sid="1109" vpid="4130" apid="4386" ppid="4130" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="119" lcn="36" encoding="ISO-8859-9">BBC Knowledge</service>
<evt id="44395" stime="2014-01-24T20:25" etime="2014-01-24T20:50">
<name encoding="ISO-8859-9">Bang goes the theory</name>
<text encoding="ISO-8859-9">Övrigt</text>
<svc idx="119" type="0" sid="1023" vpid="4101" apid="4357" ppid="4101" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="120" lcn="10" encoding="ISO-8859-9" current="1">TV10</service>
<evt id="3218" stime="2014-01-24T20:40" etime="2014-01-24T22:45">
<name encoding="ISO-8859-9">FA-cupen: Arsenal-Coventry</name>
<text encoding="ISO-8859-9">Fotboll/Amerikansk fotboll</text>
<svc idx="120" type="0" sid="1075" vpid="4097" apid="4353" ppid="4097" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="121" lcn="70" encoding="ISO-8859-9">TV4 Fakta XL</service>
<evt id="44300" stime="2014-01-24T20:25" etime="2014-01-24T21:00">
<name encoding="ISO-8859-9">Parkering förbjuden: Bärgarna</name>
<text encoding="ISO-8859-9">Dokumentär</text>
<svc idx="121" type="0" sid="1053" vpid="4147" apid="4403" ppid="403" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="122" lcn="203" encoding="ISO-8859-9">Pink Plus</service>
<evt id="58653" stime="2014-01-24T20:00" etime="2014-01-24T21:00">
<name encoding="ISO-8859-9">Sila</name>
<text encoding="ISO-8859-9">Serie/Drama</text>
<svc idx="122" type="0" sid="1105" vpid="4102" apid="4358" ppid="4102" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="123" lcn="123" encoding="ISO-8859-9">BBC World</service>
<evt id="41407" stime="2014-01-24T20:40" etime="2014-01-24T21:00">
<name encoding="ISO-8859-9">Africa business report</name>
<text encoding="ISO-8859-9">Samhälle/Ekonomi</text>
<svc idx="123" type="0" sid="1110" vpid="4103" apid="4359" ppid="4103" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="124" lcn="204" encoding="ISO-8859-9">Channel One Russia</service>
<evt id="43180" stime="2014-01-24T19:30" etime="2014-01-24T21:25">
<name encoding="ISO-8859-9">Novyj god</name>
<text encoding="ISO-8859-9">Nöje/Magasin</text>
<svc idx="124" type="0" sid="1115" vpid="4104" apid="4360" ppid="4104" scrambled="1" blocked="0" fav="0">
<service num="125" lcn="99" encoding="ISO-8859-9">Showtime</service>
<evt id="43555" stime="2014-01-24T19:30" etime="2014-01-24T21:00">
<name encoding="ISO-8859-9">Mystery woman</name>
<text encoding="ISO-8859-9">Film/Drama</text>
<!-- frql.frior -->

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