record.recgroup and recorded.recgroup

record.recgroup and recorded.recgroup

Postby dadigi » Fri Sep 18, 2015 5:05 pm

When creating a new recording group in the settings for planning recordings I'm not allowed to use any special characters.
For example I can not enter "CSI: Cyber" as an recording group name, only "CSI Cyber".
When creating a new recording group in the settings for existing recordings, special characters are allowed and after creating "CSI: Cyber",
I can move the already redcorded episodes from "CSI Cyber" to "CSI: Cyber".
The reason why I want to do this is, that only the episode-title for the recorded episodes will show up in "CSI: Cyber" group,
while in "CSI Cyber" group the title will look like "CSI: Cyber - $episode-title".

So I wonder why there are separate columns record.recgroup and recorded.recgroup (and others like record_tmp.recgroup and recgrouppassword.recgroup)
and not a separate recgroup-table where the other tables refer to.
And why are there different character-rules in different GUI-dialogues?
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