[Request for comment] Coding standards clarifications

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[Request for comment] Coding standards clarifications

Post by ulmus-scott » Sat Sep 04, 2021 7:03 pm

MythTV coding standards https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Coding_Standards
I would have started reformatting already, but I don’t see a way to register. :(

My suggested clarifications/changes:
  • for “private class”
    • inherit as private
    • m_parent if necessary; but probably shouldn’t be because:
      • there should be no public members in the public class?
      • Functions in the public class are either static or shims to the private class’s functions
    • private class has friend parent class
      • reciprocal should not be necessary
    • all methods and members should be private to make “private class” intent and encapsulation clear
  • For corresponding public class:
    • The private and protected sections of the public class should be minimal, ideally only containing private: m_private
  • request for comment: m_child & m_parent or m_private & m_public (my preference)?
  • request for comment: facade via inheritance instead? i.e. class Public : private Private, with all of Private declared as protected to allow inheritance. Would this work?

  • Doxygen comments, multiline do not prefix lines with “ *”
    • I don’t really have that strong of a preference here, but I still think the “ *” is unnecessary.
    • /** on its own line (how most are now) so the comment text is all aligned and starting at the column of /

  • (clarify) spaces: no trailing whitespace, including lines only of whitespace

  • filenames
    • request for comment:
      • the files seem to be all lowercase (compatibility with Windows?), so allow use of - or _ to aid readability? Or use mixed case?
    • for programs, use program.cpp instead of main.cpp, e.g. mythfrontend.cpp
      • this makes it obvious which file or program is referred to
        • e.g. when gcc fails to compile, it prints main.cpp, which must be disambiguated
        • also the generated doxygen graphs
    • (libmyth*) libraries
      • name export header as libraryexport.h, e.g. libmythexport.h instead of mythexp.h
        • the current abbreviations are unnecessary and reduce clarity
        • is there an interface definition for these (internal) libraries somewhere?
      • avoid prefixing the filenames with myth; it is unnecessary since the file is in libmyth*
        • some are probably fine, but most seem gratuitous
      • request for comment: when including the header files, include the lib*/ part of the path
        • being explicit here eliminates having to search for the files and also makes it easy to sort the includes, e.g.:
          • C/C++
          • POSIX or other system libraries
          • Qt
          • libmyth* (each lib separately and in order of dependency tree)
Comments and discussion are very welcome.



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