/mythtv/configure --compile-type questions

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/mythtv/configure --compile-type questions

Post by ulmus-scott » Sun Jul 18, 2021 4:25 am

On the wiki, it mentions that
If you want to build with debugging info, use --compile-type=profile. There are problems with using debug as the compile type.

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  --compile-type=CTYPE     one of release, profile, debug [$compile_type]
                           NOTE: profile is for sampling profilers
Is the wiki statement still true? If so, how?

I think the wiki page should describe how each type differs. Probably also the help text.

Also, why do the profile and debug compile types not output compilation warnings/errors. I think an option --Wall should be added to easily add that to both c and cxx flags, if not incorporated into the compile types.



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