Replacement for MythTV Player app?

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Replacement for MythTV Player app?

Post by bammers » Mon Dec 14, 2020 8:10 pm

Hi folks,

I have been running MythTV on various Linux boxes for about 10 years and until now have been able to watch on a variety of clients - MythFrontend on Linux, MythWeb on iPad and the now defunct SmartMythTV app on my Samsung TV. I have now upgraded to a much newer Samsung TV and find that my options are limited. As I said, SmartMythTV is no more and although the TV can detect my MythTV server as a media server on the LAN, the user interface is too basic to be really usable.
So I am now looking for another angle - I tried the MythTV Player app for Android because it promises streaming, but cannot get it to work. I contacted the developer and he tells me the project is no longer supported either.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Streaming seems like the obvious choice, but maybe not ...
Essentially I want a simple way (with a half-decent interface) to watch my recordings on my new TV.


- Chris

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Re: Replacement for MythTV Player app?

Post by jfabernathy » Mon Dec 14, 2020 8:33 pm

I'm not sure this helps, but what about Mythfrontend on Android TV or Leanfront on Android TV. I have a 3 or 4 year old Samsung Smart TV but don't like it's apps, so I have a Nvidia Shield TV and I've also tested a FireTV 4K stick (4K version is key) and they all work great for using the official mythfrontend or the newer Leanfront.
I have never used Mythtv Player and until your posting didn't know anything about it. I've used Kodi with mythtv-pvr addons on devices that didn't support a Mythtv frontend.

The real advantage to the FireTV 4K is that it's cheap. $25-30 over hear from Amazon. Since my TV viewing is divided between Mythtv recording and Streaming services, the FireTV or Shield TV are perfect.

Disclaimer: I'm talked about Mythtv V31 when I talk Mythtv

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