Don't use a USB stick in a Shield TV

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Don't use a USB stick in a Shield TV

Post by jfabernathy » Thu Aug 13, 2020 12:09 am

I've been chasing a mythfrontend video jitter/jumpy problem for months on my Shield TV and I could not get anyone to duplicate it.

Turns out it was caused by me having a USB3 memory stick permanently plugged into my Shield TV. I had no idea why it would cause a problem, but I moved all the data from that memory stick to internal storage and removed the stick.

My problem was very repeatable and now there is no problem.

So heads up. Use the USB stick for memory transfers only and remove it before you run Mythfrontend.

I have no technical reason why this works, but it solved my problem and things have been working great for almost a week now.

Jim A

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