Mythfrontend on FireTV 4K Max: update

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Mythfrontend on FireTV 4K Max: update

Post by jfabernathy »

I've had a terrible time trying to get mythfrontend working correctly on my FireTV 4K Max, until today.

I got a tip on the mythtv-mailing list that pointed me in the right direction. The problem was caused by my Audio selection.

I'm running the latest software on my backend and all frontends. In the case of the FireTV 4K Max:
master (v34-Pre-285-gad0f875696)

My Audio Output Device is set to: AudioTrack BUT Stereo only! I had to also uncheck all of the Digital Audio Capabilities. I could not get 5.1 to work as it would cause the video to play erraticly and get out of sync.

My VIdeo settings are Audio Read ahead 100ms

I created a new Video Playback profile called "firetv"
In it I have one entry:

Video Formats: All formats:
Decoder: Andoid MediaCodec Acceleration
Max CPUs: 4
Deblocking filter: Checked
Video Renderer: OpenGL Hardware (Both Single and Double rate)
Video Scaler: Default(Bilinear)
Deinterlacer quality: Medium quality
Prefer OpenGL Deinterlacer: Checked
Prefer Driver deinterlacers: Checked

This one change made mythfrontend on the Max go from unusable to very good.
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Re: Mythfrontend on FireTV 4K Max: update

Post by mtbdrew »

These settings have helped stabilize issues I was seeing on my Fire Cube 2nd running v33, thanks. It too was not working with 5.1 or any of the digital audio capabilities checked.
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Re: Mythfrontend on FireTV 4K Max: update

Post by GwenCole »

It's great, I'm also using this app and it works very well, thank you for sharing
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