RPI3 Stay on v30!

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RPI3 Stay on v30!

Post by mtbdrew » Tue May 18, 2021 1:48 am

Anyone running a RPI3 v30 frontend and thinking about migrating to v31 don't! Playback on v30 for 1080 was beautifully smooth even on desktop install then running frontend. However, RPI3 on v31 gives problematic playback even on desktopless versions.

TBO this really isn't limited to just Raspberry installs. Even Intel systems that ran perfectly on v30 have little quirks on v31 that just make playback less enjoyable. One major one is pausing recording causes jitter/jerky playback until you jump back and forward a couple of times.

IMHO if I could downgrade my backend to v30 and retain all my database information I would.

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