FYI on USB3 boot on RPi4

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FYI on USB3 boot on RPi4

Post by jfabernathy » Wed Aug 26, 2020 1:29 pm

I've been playing with mythtv combo FE/BE on my RPI4 and have been following the work on getting USB3 boot to work from the raspberry pi forum.

They now (2020-8-20) have updated the raspberry pi OS (32bit) image with all the latest boot from USB stuff. So copying from the SD card is not needed.

I plugged in my USB3 to SATA adapter with my SSD connected and use the Raspberry Pi imager to flash the image directly to the SSD. It booted because I had previously updated my bootloader in the rpi-eeprom so it would try booting from USB if no SD card was installed.

Worked great and it saved a lot of time.

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Re: FYI on USB3 boot on RPi4

Post by TheRealRoland » Thu Oct 01, 2020 9:23 pm

Last night i got this to work as well. One more step i needed to do was a full update on the firmware. Even though the date of the firmware was 03 sept 2020, no matter what image i used on my USB3 SSD, it would not boot up that image.

So i needed to do one full update of the firmware to the very latest version. And that made it work without issues.

Am now configuring mythtv 0.31, running into a couple of issues, i've posted something about that in the general Troubleshooting area, since it's not pi4 related.

Have fun, everybody!


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