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Updated MiniMyth2 Rpi edition

Posted: Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:26 pm
by warpme
Hi there!

I refreshed my minimyth2 RPI edition project.

It is based on ArchLinux ARM (2018.05.10; 4.14.39 kernel) with Qt5.10.1 (recompiled so x11-xcb and EGLFS drawing works) and current mythtv 29 (r109; g0849e995) with all MiniMyth2 v8.19.5 patches.
Applied mythtv patches:

• Applied ticket9633 Progressbar on OSD
• Applied ticket10710 for instant playback from playlist editor
• Applied ticket12683 MythUI Implement zoomable GuideGrids
• Applied ticket12809 Use lastPlayPos rather than bookmark
• Add MythNotification support for custom theme definitions
• Recording category selection in recordings UI
• Recording rating setting in recordings UI

Image has eventlircd - so any remote supported by 4.14.39 kernel should work OOB with hot-pluging.

I compiled also mythtv-master packages. If You want to switch to master - pls login as root:root and issue follwing commands:

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pacman -Sy
pacman -Su
pacman -S mythtv-master-base mythtv-master-plugins
It has also simple mechanism allowing for user to ask for updates from UI.
(Setup/System Maintenance/System Updates)

If You want to play with EGLFS - You can simply switch to EGLFS:
Login as root:root an type:

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systemctl stop mythfrontend
systemctl start mythfrontend-eglfs
this will start mythfontend with EGLFS drawing method.
If You want to have this permanent, type:

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systemctl disable mythfrontend
systemctl enable mythfrontend-eglfs
SD card image is here:
(replace xx in URL!)

SD card install instructions are here:

In case of any problems:
(a) Log via ssh as root:root
(b) type "cat /home/mythtv/mythfrontend.log"
(c) type „journalctl -b"

Happy Watching!

PS: MiniMyth2-rpi2-latest.tar.bz2 resides on my home server (with 250/25 Inet access) - so expect slow downloads.
If anybody knows free hosting space for HTTP 650M file downloads - pls advice!