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Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 5:55 pm
by UKenGB
I'm trying to configure my DHCP server to provide the info required by MM, but it is running on OSX and Apple's bootpd has some limitations in this regard. I do believe it's possible but it's tricky when not being too sure about either end. I'm having to figure out how to get bootpd to supply the right info, yet not yet knowing exactly what that info actually is. So I was wondering if there's anyone who has configured DHCP on OSX to enable MM2 network booting (on Acer AspireRevo, but I don't think that's important.

Surely someone must have done this before? I cannot be the very first person to EVER want an OSX DHCP server to support PXE etc to boot MM2. If anyone has done so, could they please explain how and save me from any more grief.