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beginner's guide

Post by UKenGB » Wed Oct 14, 2015 11:29 am

Not sure if this really is the right section, but I thought I'd fill the empty space.

I'm in the process of setting up MM2 for the Acer AspireRevo and confess to being rather lost. First of course I need to get a TFTP server functioning and then put the requisite files in the specified directory. What files?

I have found a download directory for stable-new/latest-0.27 which although not linked to as latest (that seems to be stuck at .25) should be correct to match my MythBuntu backend, but what file(s) do I need to grab? I cannot find anywhere a basic explanation of this. The MM2 boot process docs describe half a dozen different options (PXE, gPXE, ramfs, nfs etc) but which are required and which are mutually exclusive and anyway, no indication of what needs to be downloaded?

Would appreciate some info on exactly what files I will need to download and store on the TFTP server as it would really reduce my time taken in trying to figure it all out.

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