Sticky: When kernel boots OK - but no graphics, etc

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Sticky: When kernel boots OK - but no graphics, etc

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If You have problem with Minimyth2 and You want my assistance in resolving, it is usually very helpful for me to provide diagnostic data (Your hardware profile, current logs, etc).
For this purpose Minimyth2 has included utility which:
-gathers all basic, logs, etc
-collect all this data within single file
-packs this file to reduce size
-uploads packed file to conf-rw directory on Your PXE boot server

It will be very helpful for me when You will launch this utility and after utility finishes, go to conf-rw directory on Your PXE server, look for 'system-info.bz2' file and provide me this file via this forum or e-mail.

For launching utility You need:
1.start terminal on any host in Your LAN
2.launch telnet client and connect to Minimyth2

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telnet <IP address of Minimyth2>
3.use 'root' as user, and empty password (simply press Enter)
4.when You will see Minimyth2 prompt in telnet, type

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and press <Enter>

Minimyth2 will gather all info, pack it into 'system-info.bz2' and upload it into conf-rw directory of Minimyth2.

Master conf-rw directory is located on TFTP server in the same location like gpxe.0/ipxe.0/pxelinux.0 files.
Master conf-rw directory has subdirectories - each named as corresponding Minimyth2 hostname.
Generated by utility 'system-info.bz2' file is located in subdirectory named like Minimyth2 hostname and corresponding to this Minimyth2 machine.

Alternatively - if Your mm2 install has problem with uploading this file - You can find diagnostic file in mm2 root filesystem as: /tmp/system-info.bz2
You can unpack this file; do 'cat' to terminal; copy-paste terminal to e-mail; send e-mail....