MiniMyth2 ARMv7/ARMv8 editions

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MiniMyth2 ARMv7/ARMv8 editions

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Magic Mark Kendall is doing within MythTV rendering allowed me to extend MiniMyth2(*) project to ARMv7/ARMv8 platforms.

I prepared MiniMyth2 to run on Amlogic/Rockchip/Allwinner/Raspberry and at this moment we have available functionality like here: ... ctionality

Interested ppl can download images MiniMyth2 GitHub:

How to deploy MiniMyth2 on Your hw:
1. make sure you have DHCP server working ok
2. download SD card image from
3. unpack image
4. burn SD card Image to SD card (i.e. by balena etcher)
5. (optionally**) edit minimyth.conf file on /boot partition on SD card
5. insert card
6. connect Eth & power-on (if you are using WiFi - add SID/Pass in minimyth.conf file)
7. check mythtv audio & video configuration
8. enjoy(***)

For more info pls look here:

If Your mythtv DB is on the same host where DHCP server runs & mythtv DB name/user/pass are: 'mythconverg’ / 'mythtv’ / 'mythtv’ then no any edits are needed in this file. If this is not a case - pls see below...

In case of any problems You may:
-go in web browser to frontend IP
-select „Logs” in top menu
-examine log to see here issue might be

Some notes:
Host-name for frontend will be:
-taken from DHCP server option "host-name"
-if server not provides hostname option - MiniMyth2 will use "Myth-Frontend-<MAC-address>" as hostname

If Your master backend has different IP that DHCP server - You may add "next-server" option in DHCP configuration.
It should point to IP address of master BE.
Alternatively You can edit settings in minimyth.conf file like described below for DB name/user/pass.

If Your DB name/user/pass are different than 'mythconverg’ 'mythtv’ ,mythtv’ - You may edit in minimyth.conf file on SD card boot FAT partition in settings:


Alternatively You can setup TFTP infrastructure where MiniMyth2 will download minimyth.config with appropriate settings.

happy watching
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