MiniMyth2 downloads

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MiniMyth2 downloads

Post by warpme » Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:59 am

I'm happy to announce availability of MiniMyth2 builds:

MiniMyth2 site: ... /Home.html

Changelog is here: ... ngelog.txt

PXE Install script for Fedora: ...
PXE Install script for Ubuntu: ...
PXE Install script for Archlinux: ...

Scripts are installing mythtv-29-fixes by default. For master/0.28-fixes call with 'master' or '0.28-fixes' parameter.

MythTV current master: ... er.tar.bz2
MythTV 29-fixes: ... es.tar.bz2
MythTV 0.28-fixes: ... es.tar.bz2
MythTV 0.27-fixes: ... es.tar.bz2

Happy watching!

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