MiniMyth2 ARMv7/ARMv8 editions

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MiniMyth2 ARMv7/ARMv8 editions

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Recent magic Mark Kendall is doing within MythTV rendering area encourage me to extend MiniMyth2(*) project to ARMv7/ARMv8 platforms.

I prepared MiniMyth2 to run on Amlogic/Rockchip/Allwinner/Raspberry and at this moment I believe Raspberry RPI3 and Amlogic S912 variants(**) are ready to expose to wider audience to play with.

Interested ppl can find them on MiniMyth2 GitHub:

How to deploy MiniMyth2 on Your hw:
1. make sure you have DHCP server working ok
2. download SD card image from
3. unpack image
4. burn SD card Image to SD card (i.e. by balena etcher)
5. insert card
6. power-on
7. check mythtv audio & video configuration
8. enjoy(***)

MiniMyth2 is dedicated firmware designed to turnaround small-factor ARMv7, ARMv8, i386 and x86_64 small-factor computers into MythTV appliance offering fully functional MythTV frontend. For platforms supporting PXE boot - MiniMyth2 offers disk-less, zero-effort provisioned, network booted MythTV frontend appliance. From the software perspective, MiniMyth2 is MythTV frontend with minimal required run-time (Linux kernel, GNU libraries, video/audio/IR remote drivers) allowing to run MythTV frontend with full speed & features on recent hardware from Intel/AMD/Amlogic/Rockchip/Allwinner/Nvidia.
More info:

So far Mark developed perfectly working mythtv v4l2 support for stateful video decoding which is implemented in rpi3 and amlogic SoCs.
Stateless v4l2 support (used by Allwinner/Rockchip SoC) is in development.
I published images also for these platforms - but they works OK (for now) only with software decode.
(if you want to play with them - pls remember to change video decode profile from ‚v4l2’)

This configuration-less example assumes:
-your DHCP server has proper configuration for time zone
-mythtv master backend has the same IP like DHCP sever (if not see below)
-mythtv DB name/user/pass are: 'mythconverg’ 'mythtv’ ,mythtv’ (if not see below)

In case of any problems You may:
-go in web browser to frontend IP
-select „Logs” in top menu
-examine log to see here issue might be


host-name for frontend will be:
-taken from DHCP server option "host-name"
-if server not provides hostname option - MiniMyth2 will use "Myth-Frontend-<MAC-address>" as hostname

If Your master backend has different IP that DHCP server - You may add "next-server" option in DHCP configuration.
It should point to IP address of master BE.
Alternatively You can edit settings in minimyth.conf file like described below for DB name/user/pass.

If Your DB name/user/pass are different than 'mythconverg’ 'mythtv’ ,mythtv’ - You may edit in minimyth.conf file on SD card boot FAT partition in settings:


Alternatively You can setup TFTP infrastructure where MiniMyth2 will download minimyth.config with appropriate settings.

happy watching
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