List of problems with desktop Linux

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List of problems with desktop Linux

Post by christon » Mon Mar 16, 2020 9:29 am

I wanted to make a long post about how soon desktop Linux will get a good oppurtunity to get new users and how it still has many issues. I wanted to ask "what can be done to solve this", but then I realised that "this" was not well defined. And I do believe that in order to start looking for the solution to the problem, we firstly need to know what the problem is specifically.

So I looked around the internet to see if there are already any existing projects that aim to provide an overview of the issues that people see with desktop Linux. I found badly written Wikipedia article, a top 5 list, a list that consists mostly of architecture issues and a very detailed list of issues, few of which look to me like cherry-picking. Is that enough? Does that provide a good overview of everything wrong with desktop Linux or should we give XKCD927 a try and make a project that aggregates all the known issues into one place and allows community to rank, update and discuss listed issues?

Then broader question is if such thing would even be useful. Do we even have power to affect bigger Linux distros?

And do we even want to see problems with desktop Linux resolved? We can still keep using distros and not care about wider issues and about newcomers.
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Re: List of problems with desktop Linux

Post by Steve Goodey » Mon Mar 16, 2020 2:50 pm

Topic moved.

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