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AMD VAAPI deinterlacers, low/medium working, High does not?

Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 3:10 pm
by mtvf2894

Currently running a new install of v31 and using default VAAPI Normal configuration on an AMD iGPU.

When I use the Low or Medium single or double rate deinterlacer playback data shows that VAAPI Basic and VAAPI Adaptive is the active deinterlacer.

When I choose High deinterlacer playback data reports GLSL Kernel or 2x GLSL Kernel as the active deinterlacer.

Is this normal for AMD iGPUs (no support for driver High deinterlacer)?

I am assuming it is (incorrectly/not supported?) falling back to the OpenGL High deinterlacer?

Here are my ... nterlacing results:

Code: Select all

Decoder: VAAPI (AMD)

Low: -
Medium: -
High: -

Low: Onefield
Medium: Linearblend
High: Kernel

Low: Basic
Medium: Adaptive
High: -
I can also post a VAAPI (Intel) summary also if anyone wants it.