mythfrontend over vnc crashes

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mythfrontend over vnc crashes

Post by leobutler » Sun Feb 28, 2021 2:04 pm

I upgraded my frontend and separate backend from ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04, then upgraded myth from the .29 mythbuntu ppa to .31 (all due to the pending changes involving the metadata grabbers).

The frontend and backend both work fine after the upgrade.

Before the upgrade, I was able to use vnc tunnelled over ssh to run mythfrontend on the backend, too (I do most editing this way). Here is the complete command to run the server:

Xtightvnc :100 -desktop MYTHTV_SERVER -auth /home/mythtv-user/.Xauthority -geometry 1500x860 -depth 24 -rfbwait 120000 -rfbauth /home/mythtv-user/.vnc/passwd -rfbport 6000 -fp /usr/share/fonts/X11/misc/,/usr/share/fonts/X11/Type1/,/usr/share/fonts/X11/75dpi/,/usr/share/fonts/X11/100dpi/ -co /etc/X11/rgb -nevershared

The vncserver runs a fluxbox window manager.

After the upgrade, that no longer works even though mythfrontend works on the backend (under the gnome desktop). It looks like a Qt-related problem, but I am at a loss how to fix it.

Attached are stdout and stderr from

mythfrontend > m.log 2> m.err.txt

in a terminal inside the fluxbox-managed vnc session.

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