Streaming - stuttering playback; which logging to use?

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Streaming - stuttering playback; which logging to use?

Post by acodring » Tue Sep 01, 2020 8:56 pm

Hi there,

I use the "MythTV App" on Apple TV and it's started stuttering on playback. I think it correlates with an upgrade to .31, but I may be imagining that.

I emailed the app developer and he said he's just sending streams to libVLC on ATV, so I tried playing back the same programs in VLC on Windows by clicking Mythweb links. I got similar stuttering on playback.

Now (I think) I want to set logging on mythbackend to see if there are any obviously relevant problems there.

Which mythbackend log options should I set that are relevant to streaming? Does streaming happen in another service?

I tried the following settings (semi-randomly chosen) and played a stuttering stream but I didn't see anything relevant in the console.

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mythbackend -v network, http

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mythbackend -v http,mheg,frame,system,upnp

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mythbackend -v help
Verbose debug levels.
Accepts any combination (separated by comma) of:

  all             - ALL available debug output
  audio           - Audio related messages
  channel         - Channel related messages
  chanscan        - Channel Scanning messages
  commflag        - Commercial detection related messages
  database        - Display all SQL commands executed
  decode          - MPEG2Fix Decode messages
  dsmcc           - DSMCC carousel related messages
  dvbcam          - DVB CAM debugging messages
  eit             - EIT related messages
  file            - File and AutoExpire related messages
  frame           - MPEG2Fix frame messages
  general         - General info
  gpu             - GPU OpenGL driver messages
  gpuaudio        - GPU Audio Processing messages
  gpuvideo        - GPU video rendering messages
  gui             - GUI related messages
  http            - HTTP Server messages
  idle            - System idle messages
  jobqueue        - JobQueue related messages
  libav           - Enables libav debugging
  media           - Media Manager debugging messages
  mheg            - MHEG debugging messages
  most            - Most debug (nodatabase,notimestamp,noextra)
  network         - Network protocol related messages
  none            - NO debug output
  osd             - On-Screen Display related messages
  playback        - Playback related messages
  process         - MPEG2Fix processing messages
  record          - Recording related messages
  refcount        - Reference Count messages
  rplxqueue       - MPEG2Fix Replex Queue messages
  schedule        - Scheduling related messages
  siparser        - Siparser related messages
  socket          - socket debugging messages
  system          - External executable related messages
  timestamp       - Conditional data driven messages
  upnp            - UPnP debugging messages
  vbi             - VBI related messages
  xmltv           - xmltv output and related messages

The default for this program appears to be: '-v general'
Thanks for any hints or guidance.


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Joined: Tue Sep 01, 2020 7:36 pm

Re: Streaming - stuttering playback; which logging to use?

Post by acodring » Thu Oct 22, 2020 3:55 pm

To follow up, I never found a useful log for this so I used tried and true troubleshooting techniques - randomly change things.

First thing I tried was to remove the resource hog CrashPlan app. I imagined things were better, but it would still stutter now and then and eventually got bad again.

Then a more likely cause made itself apparent - aging HDD in the LVM where myth stored recordings.
The LVM wouldn't start up consistently on reboot. SMART data said many of the drives were aging but I wasn't confident which one was the culprit.

In the end I did a hail mary rsync from the lvm to a new single 6TB drive when the lvm was having a good day and then decommissioned all lvm drives.

Here's the rsync command I used. I tweaked a command I found on stackexchange and re-ran it a few times to see if it could recover more files.

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sudo su mythtv -c 'rsync -axHAWXS --numeric-ids --info=progress2 /original/lvm/storage/location /new/hdd/storage/location/ > ~/rsync.out 2> ~/rsync.err'
I did lose a bunch of older videos and recordings but it's back running fine now, with no stutter through the ATV mythtv app.

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