[SOLVED] Instability - Mythtv 31 - Mint 20

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[SOLVED] Instability - Mythtv 31 - Mint 20

Post by pinnerite » Fri Jul 17, 2020 9:18 pm

The day after I posted this, I booted my work machine and later, the backend server, the system that I am writing about. I executed the remote's front end first and tested it. It was rock solid. i did the same on the backend server and was surprised that the instability had gone. No. I cannot understand it.

This is the original topic message.
I have the system working and even have remote access but there are issues.
Since getting the system working, I set it record several programs.

When it came to replaying, they would start and then jump back, annoyingly telling me so.

If I switch to live TV, it plays OK but those blue message panels that indicate the programme name and channel you get when scrolling to change channels, just pop up on their own and keep changing the displayed items.

I disconnected the keyboard at one point in case that was sending spurious signals.

I ran the seek-table repair script and it seemed pleased with itself but the problems remain.

The computer was purpose-built for this role 7 years ago. it is comprised of:

A gigabyte GAZ77N Mini-ITX board
Intel Core i3 3220 3.30Ghz processor
8 GB DDR3 1600mHZ memory
2 TB Seagate hard drive
LG 8X SATA Slim DVD+/-RW drive.

After installing Min20 and all the applications and overcoming the problems of getting MythTV to work, I clone the hard drive. the issues above remain the same whichever drive I connect.

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